Review of Performance 23/11/2013

04/03/2014 22:54

The Market Harborough Orchestra


“In the English Tradition”


I wonder how many readers know that Market Harborough has an orchestra? I didn’t and I’m sorry! Four years ago 30+ musicians, (music teachers, ex-professionals, music students and enthusiastic amateurs), got together to make music. Judging by tonight’s concert, I have missed a few treats since they began.

This concert was named ”In the English Tradition” and featured music by such English composers as Vaughan Williams, George Butterworth, Sir William Walton, Peter Warlock and Frederick Delius.

The full orchestra began the concert with A Shakespeare Suite, rousing music from the Olivier film “Richard Third” (Appropriate for this year). Later the string section played Sir William Walton’s other compositions from the (1944) film of “Henry V”. So simple and beautiful, and what contrasting pieces.

Vaughan Williams “Fantasia on Greensleeves” was the most familiar piece, but all the compositions resonated of England. Many included folk songs, like “Banks of Green Willow” by Butterworth. Delius’ “Last Cuckoo in Spring” and ”Summer Night on the River” were , according to the conductor, like “eating a full tin of golden syrup” (and he likes golden syrup!)

The orchestra leader is David Leech and their conductor is the very expert and experienced Stephen Bell. They gave us an enchanting concert. I hope I see the next one sold out. Please stop hiding your light under a bushel, MHO. You are a credit to the town!

Vivien Window


Market Harborough Orchestra